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The AK-74M is a assault rifle that appears in Conflict: Denied Ops.

AK-74M in real life.


In 1991 the Izhmash factory in the city of Izhevsk began full-scale production of a modernized variant of the AK-74—the AK-74M (M—Modernizirovanniy or "modernized") assault rifle that offers more versatility compared to its predecessor. Apart from several minor improvements. Additionally the AK-74M features an improved muzzle device, a reinforced smooth dust cover and a redesigned guide rod return spring retainer. ach AK-74M is fitted with a side-rail bracket for mounting optics. The AK-74M would have been adopted by the Soviet Union as the standard service rifle, and has been accepted as the new service rifle of the Russian Federation.

Conflict: Denied Ops[]

An actual AK-74M appears in some cutscenes, used by Russian Marines and others. The AK used by private Yelkin switches to AK-47 with synthetic black furniture in the mission.


Russian Marines with AK-74M's.