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Breakthrough is the first mission in Conflict: Desert Storm II. Taking place on January 16, 1991, Alpha-One is tasked with finding and securing Delta-Two's last known position. Delta-Two's helicopter was shot out of the sky by Iraqi forces, and crash landed in the middle of the walled city Al-Hadar.


Alpha-One infiltrates Al-Hadar with assisting air support and locates Delta-Two's crashed helicopter. Delta-Two is no where to be found at the crash site.


  • This mission features two T-62 Tanks, both of which are taken out via US air strikes.
  • Despite be able to find a few RPG's throughout the level, they are ultimately of no use as all tanks are taken out by air strikes.
  • Al-Hadar was never infiltrated by Delta Force operatives, nor did it play any role in the actual Gulf-War.