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Corporal Bruce "Junior" Lesh (Born on December 17, 1945) is one of the main characters of the Conflict:Vietnam.


Bruce Lesh was born in Queens, New York City and had always known was one of poverty and exclusion. Like thousands of other disenfranchised youths, Lesh believed he was destined for a life of petty crime and low-paid work. Bruce was drafted into the Vietnam War, which he saw as a route out of the ghetto. However, the reality of combat and the loss of many close comrades have soured his view, and he now hopes only to get out of this war in one piece.


Bruce is "short" on his tour of duty, with only 30 days left before he is due to be shipped back to the US. This has made him prone to panic when under fire. He dislikes Will Shafer intensely, thinking him a white-trash, racist redneck who will get them all killed.

Skills and Weaponry[]

Bruce is the team's expert sniper and grenadier. He is also experienced with explosives.

Sniper rifle:

Grenade launcher: