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The DShK is a heavy machine gun that appears in Conflict: Desert Storm, Conflict: Desert Storm 2 and Conflict: Global Terror.

DShK in real life.


In 1938, the gun designer Shpagin developed an‘add-on’ belt feed unit for the DK. The modified DK with belt feed passed the usual trials and was subsequently adopted as DShK-38(Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny, 'Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large-Calibre', model of 1938). While the DShK was a satisfactory weapon with reasonable power (at least to deal with low-flying aircraft and lightly armored vehicles).

Conflict: Desert Storm[]

The DShK can be found as static mounted in bunkers or on sandbags.

Conflict: Global Terror[]

DShK are mounted on machine gun nests.


Desert Storm II dshk.jpg

ConflictDesertStorm DShK .jpg

DShK in a machine gun nest.