Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle in real life.

"Hey, that's my pistol!"

-Mick Connors in Conflict: Global Storm

The Desert Eagle is a handgun appearing in most of the Conflict series and serves as the personal sidearm to Mick Connors.


The gun is a powerful pistol, effective at close and medium range. powerful enough to kill an enemy with one or two shots. Few hits at the torso and head is a fatal hit.


The only time that Connors had a different handgun, was the SIG Sauer P228, the same that Bradley used in the missions: Victor-Two and Communications Breakdown as being a covert operation, most of the team had silenced weapons.

Gallery Edit

CDO Desert Eagle 01


Desert Storm II desert eagle

Connors holding Desert Eagle

ConflictDesertStorm Desert Eagle

Connors holding Desert Eagle

CGS Desert Eagle 01

Desert Eagle model.

Trivia Edit

  • The Desert Eagle is based on the real life IMI Desert Eagle which is chambered in several different cartridges including .50 Action Express, 44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .440 Cor-bon, .41 Magnum, .357/44 Bain & Davis (IMI prototype only).
  • The Desert Eagle has never been in U.S. Military service.


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