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Dr. Franklin is an American Military nuclear expert.


He's appeared in 3 games: Conflict: Desert Storm, Conflict: Desert Storm II, and Conflict: Global Terror.

Conflict: Desert Storm[]

In the original game, John Bradley, Paul Foley and Mick Connors are assigned to escort Dr. Franklin to a factory in Baghdad where a Russian-made ICBM is being held. This nuclear weapon can destroy any city within a thousand mile radius and Dr. Franklin's job is to disarm it while the team also gathers weapons-grade plutonium that can be used by Iraq to created tactical nuclear missiles. After a booby-trap causes the ICBM to start to go critical, Dr. Franklin is forced to disarm it under fire as the rest of the team covers him. After successfully disarming the nuclear warhead, he is extracted from the area by a Coalition helicopter along with the rest of the team.

Conflict: Global Terror[]

In Global Terror, he assists anti-terrorist teams during their hunt to solve insurgent uses of chemical weaponry.


  • In Conflict: Desert Storm, there's a glitch on Mission 13 (Edge of Destruction): when Foley gets close to the nuclear warhead, an explosion occurs and makes Foley MIA. Although Foley still can be healed, Franklin doesn't want to disarm the nuclear warhead, if you order him.
  • Similar to Emir Jaber III, he appears in the squad, but isn't playable. Instead, the player can only give him commands as he would the rest of his squad while playing as another character.
  • During Conflict: Desert Storm, Dr. Franklin carries what appears to be a Geiger counter in his hand. It can be heard clicking throughout various portions of his appearance in the game, particularly when the team gets close to the ICBM.