The Five-seveN is a pistol that appears in Conflict: Global Terror. It is the secondary weapon of David Jones.

Five-seveN in real life.

History Edit

The Five-seveN pistol and its 5.7×28mm ammunition were developed by FN. Sales of the Five-seven were originally restricted by FN to military and law enforcement customers, but since 2004, the pistol has also been offered to civilian shooters for personal protection, target shooting, and similar uses. Although offered only with sporting ammunition, the Five-seven's introduction to civilian shooters was met with vocal opposition from gun control organizations and the pistol has been subject to ongoing controversy in the United States.

Conflict: Global Terror Edit

Five-seveN is Jones' sidearm in the game and its magazine holds 20 rounds. It features an incorrect three-round burst mode along with single shot. Appears as "FN 57 Pistol". It is also used by some enemies.

Gallery Edit

CGS FN57 01

Jones holding an Five-seveN.

CGS FN57 02

Five-seveN on the ground.