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Staff Sergeant Frank "Ragman" Wier (Born on March 29, 1940) is one of the main characters of the Conflict: Vietnam.


Frank Wier was born into a blue-collar family of autoworkers in Chicago, Illinois . It was assumed that he would follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, but Frank had other ideas. He quickly tired of the drudgery that came with assembly-line work and opted instead to join the Airborne. When the war came, Frank was deployed in the early stages of US mobilization, and he has seen the conflict evolve into the bloody mess it is today.


Frank is usually cool and calm when under fire. However, when things go wrong, as is often the case in combat, he's been known to recklessly and fearlessly assault enemy-held ground, pulling wounded men to safety and winning the battle through sheer stubbornness. This disregard for personal well-being and heroism has made him widely respected and liked by all the ranks of Bravo Company.

Skills and Weaponry[]

Frank is a brilliant combat leader and an expert with all types of assault rifles and submachine guns. He also is a crack shot with a pistol.

Submachine gun: