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Kahler on Hill-933

Private Harold "Cherry" Kahler (Born on July 6, 1949) is a main character, protagonist and the narrator in Conflict: Vietnam. After the conclusion of the game he moves to New York and starts a family.


Harold Kahler was born in Kansas City, Missouri. the all-American kid from a proud white-collar family who, through hard work, reaped the rewards of 1950s prosperity. Having been to medical school, Harold has a degree of education that sets him apart from most of his fellow soldiers. The reality of the war in Vietnam is about to test his training and his faith in the American dream.


Kahler's age is 19. He wears the default US Uniform, but he also has a dark green headband. During the beginning of the game he is called Cherry by his team mates, but as the game progresses, they call him Doc (referring to him being the team Medic).


At the beginning of the game Kahler is rather scared and naive about the ways of Vietnam, though as the game progresses he toughens up. He quickly forms a bond with Ragman, who isn't as hard on him as Junior or Hoss. He largely pretends to ignore Hoss' racism and Junior's complaining. Though when the two argue, he is often the one trying to break them apart.


Kahler is a standard rifleman, and the teams medic. Though he can use any weapon that can be picked up, he still uses assault rifles in every mission.


  • He is the youngst character in the series.
  • He is the narrator of the game, and is often referred to as the Main Protagonist.
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