The K1 is a assault rifle that appears in Conflict: Global Terror.
Daewoo k1

K1 in real life.

History Edit

The first prototypes were made in 1980, and entered service in 1981 after series of field test. However, due to the design of its flash suppressor, the K1 exhibited serious problems in service with the ROK armed forces. The original version had excessive recoil, noise, flash, and weak stock due to increase in firepower. These problems caused difficulty in aiming especially during night operation.These shortcomings were later fixed by the development and adoption of a new flash suppressor, which has three holes in the top right quadrant to limit muzzle flip under rapid fire and reduces flash to one-third of that of the early K1. 

Conflict: Global Terror Edit

K1 makes its only appearance in the first Korean mission. It is used by enemies and Korean National Police Agency (KNPA). Despite not being available until South Korea, Jones is seen with a K1 in Colombian cutscenes.

Gallery Edit

CGS Daewoo K1 01

Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) using the K1