The M18 Claymore Mine is an anti-personel explosive weapon used in the Conflict series.


The claymore is a motion activated bomb. Basically when someone gets near it, friend or foe, it goes off, killing them.


A claymore has two main uses. First it is wise for setting up ambushes, it can easily kill a unwary enemy, though
US M18a1 claymore mine

The M18A1 Claymore Anti-personel mine.

it does make a lot of noise. It's second use is to cover the rear, it can kill a enemy coming after you or alert you to a enemies presence.


  • On Conflict DS 2, there's a glitch when you plant the claymore near an enemy, when the enemy get close to the claymore, the claymore doesn't blow up, and when you shoot the claymore, the enemy doesn't die.
  • On conflict denied ops, the claymore won't kill graves or lang.
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