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An early M249E1 Light Machine Gun.

The M249 Para Light Machine Gun.

The M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is a weapon in the Conflict series. It is exclusively seen in the hands of heavy weapons specialist Mick Connors. A shortened version  (called the m249 para , short for paratrooper) is used by CIA operator Reggie Lang in Denied Ops.


This weapon had the highest round capacity of any man portable weapon in the series: one hundred rounds. Additionally, it can carry up to a thousand rounds in reserve. It is capable of taking down unarmored enemies in only two shots, and capable of destroying un-armored vehicles in twenty shots. It can also be employed against snipers and machine gun nests, as its high rate of fire can guarantee an eventual hit, or effective suppression to allow others to flank around. Otherwise, the weapon had high recoil and shouldn't be used on full automatic.