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The M3 is a submachine gun that appears in Conflict: Vietnam. It is the primary weapon of Ragman.

M3 in real life.


Although there have been quantum leaps in submachine gun construction and design since the early 1940's (when the M3 was designed), the M3 is still one of the most effective weapons of its type. Due to the large .45 ACP caliber round the M3 fires and its simple construction with stamped/pressed steel it is very reliable, extremely simple to operate, compact, has .45 caliber knockdown power, relatively high controllability on full auto due to decreased cyclic rate of fire, simple to fix and maintain, cheap to manufacture and very easily suppressed and/or converted to 9x19mm. (all of this appealed to many in the early special forces and paratrooper communities). The compact size, reliability, and stopping power of this weapon kept it in service with the U.S. for decades after WW2 (particularly among armored vehicle crews up until the introduction of the M4 Carbine), and it is still used in some countries into the 21st century.

Conflict: Vietnam[]

The M3 appears as Ragman primary weapon 


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