The MP5SD in real life.

The MP5SD is a submachine gun that appears in Conflict: Desert Storm, Conflict: Desert Storm 2 and Conflict: Global Terror. It is the primary weapon of David Jones.

History Edit

In 1974 H&K initiated design work on a sound-suppressed variant of the MP5.designated the MP5SD (SD—Schalldämpfer German for "sound suppressor"). The MP5SD3 fitted with a collapsible metal stock and use a standard 'SEF' trigger group (from the MP5A2 and MP5A3).


The gun is useful for short to medium range contact. At close range it is capable of downing a enemy in roughly five bullets.The gun is useful for stealth too, because it is suppressed, but you must shoot the enemy on the head to stealth, because this weapon is not one-hit-kill.

Conflict: Global Terror Edit

Jones carries an MP5SD3 in Colombia and Korea. It is shown with a S-E-F trigger group, but can also fire in three-round bursts.

Gallery Edit

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