The PKM is a machine gun that appears in Conflict: Desert Storm, Conflict: Global Terror, and Conflict: Denied Ops.

PKM with latest version of Flash hider in real life.

History Edit

In 1969 a modernized version of PK, the PKM (Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy) was fielded, with a lighter, unfluted barrel and a hinged shoulder strap on the buttstock and was adopted into service in 1969. 

Conflict: Desert Strom Edit

The PKM, called "PK Light-Machine Gun" in-game, is used mainly by Iraqi soldiers but can also be equipped by the player.

Conflict: Global Terror Edit

PKM appears as "AK/PKM", and is a common machine gun used by enemies throughout the game. It has a 200-round belt, and about as accurate as the M60E3.

Conflict: Denied Ops Edit

PKM is used by some enemies.

Gallery Edit

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