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The Pancor Jack hammer is a machine gun that appears in Conflict: Global Terror. It is the primary weapon of David Jones.

Pre-production Pancor Jackhammer in real life.


The Jackhammer was designed by John A. Anderson, who formed the company Pancor Industries in New Mexico. Reportedly, several foreign governments expressed interest in the design and even ordered initial production units once ready for delivery. However, the design was held up for production due to United States Department of Defense testing, though the design was eventually rejected. With no customers and little interest, Pancor went bankrupt. Supposed overseas orders were subject to United States Department of State approval that was not forthcoming. The assets of Pancor were sold off, including the few prototypes built.Two pre-production weapons were subject to full destructive testing, and just one functional Jackhammer remains in existence, a heavy toolroom prototype with a cylinder which accepts standard 12-gauge shells. This is not the final version, and among other things requires that the weapon be almost completely dismantled in order to reload it.

Conflict: Global Terror[]

Pancor Jackhammer is first seen in Egypt, as it replaces Jones' Striker from previous missions. The Jackhammer is also used by Hans Klerber in the Philippines. It has a 10-round capacity.


Jones holding his Jackhammer.