Foley observes a convoy of Iraqi troops for ambush during Conflict: Desert Storm II.

Corporal Paul "Eagle Eye" Foley is one of the main characters of the Conflict Series. He appears in Conflict: Desert Storm, Conflict: Desert Storm II, Conflict: Global Terror and Conflict: Denied Ops. His primary duty is squad designated marksman, sniper and medic.


Foley was born in Jacksonville, Alabama, United States on April 18, 1970. As a young man he served in the US Army 3rd Infantry Division and later the US Army Rangers. At some point he either joined or was reassigned to the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), more commonly known as 'Delta Force'.

Early on during the Gulf War, Foley was reassigned to a squad commanded by Sgt. John Bradley after Bradley rescued him when he was captured while trying to destroy an enemy bridge. Along with Sergeant First Class Bradley, Corporal Mick Connors and Corporal David Jones, Foley participated in many key operations that led to allied victory.

Years later when he was 36 years of age, the old team reformed into 'Red Team', an elite counter-terrorist squad. During a mission in Columbia, Foley is MIA. However, CIA operatives eventually rescued him during Conflict: Denied Ops. It is unknown if he returned to the United States or not but for the meantime he was replaced by Carrie Sherman.


Foley is tall and thin, the perfect physique for his role as a sniper. In his most recent appearances he is shown to have a slightly chubby face. During the POW missions it can be seen that he has a black buzz cut. His most distinguishable feature is his hat: a boonie that he wears in all of his appearances.


Foley is shown to usually be quiet, even more so than Jones. He has a acute eye for detail, and will usually spot a enemy before the rest of the team. He does not like staying out in the open, preferring high ground. He is perhaps the most serious and focused next to Bradley, although Foley does occasionally take jabs at Connors' aggresive nature. He is also shown to be quite tough, not breaking despite being tortured or captured, an important quality as a special forces operator. He guards his team mates closely, and trusts them with his life. As a result, the team are very close.

Skills and WeaponryEdit

Foley utilises several types of sniper rifles, including the M82s, the DSR-1 and the WA2000 compact sniper rifle, all of which he excells at. He is also shown in all games to use a Beretta 92 handgun, usually not suppressed.

Sniper rifles:


Rocket launchers:

Replacements Edit

In Conflict: Desert Storm, if Foley is KIA, he can be replaced and succeeded by another operator.

The successors are:

NOTE: These are 'rookie' operators, and thus will possess skills far inferior to that of Foley.


  • In a mission during Conflict: Vietnam, there is a soldier named Pvt. Foley. Considering the time frame he may be his uncle, father or just an easter egg.
  • Foley has appeared in four out of the five Conflict games, a record which he exclusively holds. But in Conflict: Denied Ops he was an unplayable character.
  • Foley replaces Jones as the team medic in Conflict: Global Terror for unknown reasons.