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The QBZ-95 is a assault rifle that appears in Conflict: Global Terror.

QBZ-95 in real life.


The QBZ-95 was first observed outside China on 1 July 1997, when the United Kingdom transferred the sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China. The weapon was designed to replace the standard-issueType 81 assault rifle. The QBZ-95 had replaced the Type 81 in frontline units by 2006, and is gradually replacing it in second-line units and the People's Armed Police.

Conflict: Global Terror[]

QBZ-95 is used by terrorists in South Korea. It is incorrectly called "QBZ-97". It can only fire in three-round bursts and semi-automatic.


Bradley holding a QBZ-95

QBZ-95 model. Notice the different magazine well and curved 5.8mm magazine.