RPD in real life.

The RPD is a machine gun that appears in Conflict: Vietnam.

History Edit

In 1943, Three prominent Soviet engineers were asked to submit their own designs: Vasily Degtyaryov, Sergei Simonov andAlexei Sudayev. Among the completed prototypes prepared for evaluation, the Degtyaryov design proved superior and was accepted into service with the Soviet armed forces as the 7.62 mm RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova or "Degtyaryov light machine gun") model 1944. Although the RPD was ready for mass production during the final stages of World War II, large scale delivery of the weapon did not begin until 1953. During the Vietnam War, the RPD served the Vietcong as their standard light machine gun. After the introduction of the RPK and PK in the 1960s, the RPD was withdrawn from most first-tier units of the former Warsaw Pact. However, the RPD remains in active service in many African and Asian nations. 

Conflict: Vietnam Edit

The RPD appears as North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong primary weapon 

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