Red Team is an elite counter-terrorist squad and the playable team in Conflict: Global Storm.

History Edit

Members Edit

John Bradley

David Jones

Mick Connors

Paul Foley (M.I.A)

Carrie Sherman (Foley's replacement).

Red Team's Parent Organization Edit

It is never explicitly stated what Red Team is a part of. Though all it's initial members were part of Delta Force during the First Gulf War, they are never referred to as such in Global Terror. Carrie Sherman's presence casts doubt to this still being the case, as women were not allowed to join any of the United States' Special Force Units during the game's development or setting (although this could be an acceptable break from reality).

Some of the dialogue during the advanced training mission imply this is the first time some of the original members have seen each other in a while. It's possible that by the events of Global Terror, all of them have joined or are reassigned to another organization.