Rescue is the opening mission in Conflict: Desert Storm.

Story Edit

On July 24, 1990 Iraqi forces began massing on the Kuwait border. As negotiations broke down, United Nations Special Forces teams were dispatched to the Middle East. On August 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait. As Iraqi tanks crossed the border, the Special Forces moved into action.
—Loading screen description

The mission begins with a cutscene showing Cpl. Paul Foley and an un-named special forces operator in the process of setting an explosive charge on a bridge linking Iraq and Kuwait. They are discovered by a patrolling Iraqi, and a firefight ensues. The other operator is presumably killed and Foley is taken captive after being wounded. The following day, a UH-60 Black Hawk drops Sgt. John Bradley outside the area to initiate a rescue of Foley and complete the original mission.

Briefing Edit

Paul 'Eagle-eye' Foley, one of our best snipers, was captured while trying to destroy one of the bridges along the Kuwait-Iraq border. This bridge must be destroyed to slow down the Iraqi advance. We can't spare enough men for a full-scale assault, but one man should be able to penetrate the defenses, locate and rescue Foley, then destroy the bridge. Once the mission has been completed, return to the LZ for helicopter extraction.
—Mission briefing

Objectives Edit

Rescue— Foley is being held in a small building, north-east of the bridge. Secure the position, then rescue Foley.

C4— When Foley was captured, the guards took his C4 plastic explosive charge. Find the C4, then use it to blow the bridge.

Bridge— Use the C4 to destroy the upper central struts of the bridge.

Extraction— Return to the landing zone with Foley for helicopter extraction.

Triva Edit

  • The mission is purported to take place August 2nd. However, the opening cutscene shows the initial team was detected at 23:00 hours (11 P.M) on August 2nd. The following day would in fact be the 3rd. This is presumably an oversight.
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