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The SCAR-H is a assault rifle that appears in Conflict: Denied Ops.

First Generation SCAR-H with M68 Aimpoint scope and Grippod foregrip in real life.


The US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) issued a solicitation for the procurement of SOF Combat Assault Rifles (SCAR) on October 15th, 2003. This solicitation requested a new combat rifle,specially tailored for the current and proposed future needs of the US Special Forces,which are somewhat different from then current US Army requirements,which were being fulfilled (unsucessfully) by the newest XM8 assault rifle. Late in 2004, US SOCOM announced, that the winner for the initial SCAR contracts is the FN USA.Prototype rifles were manufactured by FN Manufacturing Inc. This company will also handle series production of rifles. Starting mid-2005, first SCAR rifles went to end users in US Special Operation Forces.

Conflict: Denied Ops[]

Most Delta Force soldiers carry an SCAR-H in the oil refinery. Later, the members of the 75th Rangers also carry SCAR-H's.


Delta Force soldier aims his SCAR-H at a propane tank.