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The SPAS-12 is a shotgun that appears in Conflict: Desert Storm and Conflict: Denied Ops. It is the primary weapon of David Jones.

Short Barreled  SPAS-12 in real life.


The SPAS-12 was designed in the late 1970s by the Italian company Luigi FranchiSpa as a special purpose, military and police close combat weapon.Manufactured from 1979 to 2000. Production stopped fully in the year 2000 in favour of the newer, enhanced version, the SPAS-15, however, production of the SPAS-15 ceased in 2005, meaning there are currently no SPAS shotguns being produced.

Conflict: Desert Storm[]

A stock-less and short barreled SPAS-12, called "Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun" in-game, is another secondary weapon used by Jones, replacing the Remington 870 in mission "Patriotic Defense".

Conflict: Denied Ops[]

SPAS-12 is used by some National Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the oil refinery. It appears without a stock.


SPAS-12 model

Jones holding SPAS-12