Safe Passage is the second mission in Conflict: Desert Storm.

Story Edit

Briefing Edit

The Iraqi Army has invaded Kuwait City. Your team must locate the Emir of Kuwait and get him safely out of the city. Connors, your heavy weapons specialist, has been sent ahead to clear the way through the city. Rendezvous with him, then make your way to the extraction point.

Objectives Edit

Rescue- The Emir and his entourage have been ambushed by forward elements of the Iraqi invading force. Get to the ambush spot and rescue the Emir before he is captured or killed.

Armor- The Iraqi forces have deployed Russian-made BMPs and T-62 main battle tanks in Kuwait City. Destroy anyyou encounter.

Rendezvous- Corporal Connors, your heavy weapons specialist, is waiting for you at Position Blue. Rendezvous with him as soon as possible.

Extraction- Get the Emir and your team to the extraction point, where an RAF helicopter will fly you to safety.

Trivia Edit

*The footage that the news helicopter that circles the squad along the highway collects is shown as part of the game's ending cutscene.

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