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The T-72 is a Main Battle Tank developed by the Soviet Union and employed by a large number of 3rd World Countries. It appears throughout the Conflict series, primarily in the hands of the Iraqi Republican Guard.


Conflict: Desert Storm[]

S.C.U.D. Alley (3 of them), No Retreat (2 of them), Cavalry Charge (5 of them), On The Brink (3 of them), Counter-Attack (2 of them), Lights Out (3 of them).

Conflict: Desert Storm II Back To Baghdad[]

Prisoners Of War (2 of them), Fires Of Kuwait (3 of them), Air Cover (3 of them), Superguns (5 of them).

Conflict: Global Storm[]

Desert Fire (3 of them).


The T-72 is one of the bulkiest tanks in the series. It is also the most deadly. Unlike its weaker brother, the T-55 Tank, a rocket to the front has absolutely no chance of destroying a T-72. The only way to destroy a T-72 with a rocket is to hit it in the back or the side.