The WA 2000 is a sniper rifle that appears in Conflict: Global Terror. It is the primary weapon of Paul Foley.

WA 2000 in real life.

History Edit

The WA 2000 was designed in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in response to the 1972 Summer Olympics Munich massacre.The rifle was produced from 1982 until November 1988. The rifle was used by some German police units, but production was stopped because it was too expensive to achieve widespread sales.It was never adopted by a military unit due to its cost and not being robust enough for military use as a sniper rifle.Only 176 were built due to the high cost of the rifle making it currently rare and valuable.

Conflict: Global Terror Edit

WA 2000 is Foley's primary weapon in Colombia, and has a six-round magazine.

Gallery Edit

CGS WA 2000 01

Foley with his WA 2000.