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The HK designed XM8 assault rifle.

XM8 with XM320 Grenade launcher.

XM8 is the US military designation for an experimental lightweight weapon system developed as a replacement for the M16. It was to consist of a baseline carbine with a 12.5" barrel and collapsible stock, a compact carbine with a 9" barrel and designated retractable buttstock similar to that on the MP5 sub-machine gun, and a marksman/automatic rifle with a 20" heavy-profile barrel, folding bipod, and higher magnification optic. Although there were high hopes for the weapon, the XM8 didn't provide any significant improvement over the M4 carbine, and the project was put on hold in 2005 and canceled that same year.

Conflict: Global Strom[]

XM8 Carbine is first seen in training, in which it is called "XM8 Assault Rifle". It later replaces Bradley's G36K in Kashmir, this time appearing as "M8 Assault Rifle".



  • The Royal Malaysian Navy special unit PASKAL adopted the XM8 for use in 2010 after expressing interest three years earlier.